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Flipping as a group is for experience and education mainly. Yes we may make a profit but we are finding, flipping and listing within 3-4months so keep in mind it's not only about the money here. You must be a team player and have good sportsmanship. 

27 Investors & Counting 

Everyone is invited to come to closing and everyone has an input on the property type. More details on this will be sent via group text. Mentorship fee to flip with us is $4,500.

MUST HAVE A 660+ CREDIT SCORE AND AT LEAST 40K proof of funds. We will be flipping with cash funds so you must have liquid if you need help on how to get funding we will educate on that as well. However 40k Proof of Funds is required. Although we haven't used that much per investHER it is required. 


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