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Innovation is here!

Collaborating with EXP was a global move for my company. It allowed me to help my agents and also elevate in my real estate career without feeling burnt out! When you choose to partner with FEMALESWHOFLIP you get to rebuild into a fresh new atmosphere offering tons of support and a strong community of real estate professionals.


    What we offer:

    When you partner with FWF & EXP you get access to: virtual world with 1000's of online courses to fit any realtor niche, unlimited support from your state broker & Femaleswhoflip, direct branding help, collaboration marketing, step into the investor realtor role, get leads as they come and soo much more. Competitive commission splits 80/20 capped at 16K - no other company can compare. Join us every Tuesday for a Virtual Zoom meet to see if we are a good fit for your real estate lifestyle. You also get access to our monthly meeting in person or zoom, promotion to our social media, invitation to go live, host virtual seminars etc. You can't lose with EXP & FWF behind you.  


    We onboard together every TUESDAY at NOONam (est)




    Not ready to make the switch, already with EXP, want to be stay at your current brokerage but be a referral marketing agent w/ FWF?

    text us +1 (404) 737-1543 

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