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Long story short, my real estate career started in 2011 working with investors & when I purchased my first home. Then in 2015 I later went on to get licensed to help the Investors that I was working for. Fast forward today working as their intern has helped to scale my real estate empire. I have flips, rentals, multifamily, billboard, a company FWF & the brokerage. 

Mentorship is a 4-6month hands on experience. Starting at 17k depending on what type of project you need assistance with during this timeframe we:

  • Find a property depending on your goals can be a rental property or a lipstick flip

  • Find the contractor and being the renovation process 

  • List the property, resell and cash out

  • Be setup to get funding and help you find what lenders to use and type of payment we will use 

  • Setting up your ecommerce so that you can continue getting business funding/credit 
    MUST HAVE A 660+ CREDIT SCORE AND AT LEAST 50K SAVED if you are interested in this option please text CLICK HERE  so that we can get some more information from you.


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