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Once you learn the Real Estate Game you're hooked!

Next thing you know you living the soft life having 6figure months 


I decided May of 2022 that I wanted to flip property with my kit holders. Since June 2022 we have completed 8 full reno projects & in the process of flipping our 9TH property.  This was our first property that we flip <--------

SOLO Mentorship allows you buy a rental property with the help of CHARMAINE she also will place a tenat, structure the property so you get funding for more real estate & teach you landlord skills . During the process you get to work hands on and learn what it takes to get into Real Estate. We find the property, source the contractors and list it for rent. 


This is our 2nd property that we completed as a group. When you decide to have FEMALESWHOFLIP mentor you on your real estate journey you get forever connections and forever knowledge. You will always be locked in & connected to us. TimeFrame to flip this property was 5months, profit made was 35k! 


What type of Mentorship are you interested in?

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